A Few Tips For Designing Your Garden

A Few Tips For Designing Your Garden

Are you looking to design your garden? If you are, you have come to the right article. A well designed garden is a treasure. You could have tea outside amidst the lovely flowers and trees. You could play with your children. You could paint a portrait or you could just simply relax and enjoy nature. There is something so peaceful in being in a garden. So if you wish to design one then it’s the right decision you’ve made.However designing a garden is not easy. It requires a lot of thought, plans and creativity. So here are a few tips to help you along.

Decide what you want to plant.

The first and most important thing when it comes to designing a garden or landscaping as it is called; is to decide what you want to plant. To do this you have to note down the plants that your garden already has and decide which ones you want to keep. If you have fruit trees, then it would be useful to retain them. Trees take a long time to grow and it is a shame to cut them down especially if they are useful trees that bear fruits or vegetables. If you find parasitic plants or wild plants that can get out of control, then weed them out and make space to plant more beneficial plants.

Draw a rough layout of your garden.

Once you’ve decided what you want to plant, draw a rough layout of your patch. When your garden has vegetable or fruit trees and plants, or you wish to plat them, then it would be best to look into companion plants that can be grown alongside them. Vegetables and fruits attract a long list of pests, And a good way to get rid of these pests and ensure that your produce remain organic is to sue companion plants. Herbs such as Mint and Dill would deter away pests while adding nutrients to the soil. Companion planting is a commonly used technique and it differs based on what you want you want to plant. Therefore consult with a landscape gardener or a professional to ensure that your plants get the most benefit from others around them.

Don’t go overboard

A backyard needs some uniformity to ensure that it remains looking beautiful. Trying to plant too many shrubs and bushes which have nothing in common could result in a messy garden that is unsightly. Pick a theme you would like. If you want your backyard to have reds and purples then choose those two colours and a few complimentary or neutral colours. Shades of green, grey, white and cream would help make the red and purple look brighter but not take away their spotlight. Therefore when you want to design your backyard, make a plan and be organized and remember too much is even worse than too little.

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