Types Of Screens To Separate Your Shower

Types Of Screens To Separate Your Shower

Your bath area is a place that should be relaxing and elegant. Go with the designs you prefer to decorate the area. As long as you love the masterpiece, you will enjoy it. A shower screen is a mandatory item to every bathroom. It is something that avoids the water from being spilled all across the bathroom. It also plays a huge role in how your bathroom looks. Thereby when you are choosing a front only shower screens, you will also be choosing a design for your bathroom. The screen should be of good quality and it also should look appealing. Fortunately, there is a huge range of screens to choose from. To help you out, this article consists of the types of screens that you can use to separate your shower.


This is the most common type of shower screens available, hence the name. The standard glass screens uses a clear glass option which is durable due to its toughness. It allows light to pass through and thereby, it will make your bathroom look bigger. Generally it should be made out of a glass which is at least one and a half inches thicker. This is to make sure it is safe. But if the door is movable, that is it can be opened and closed, it should be atlas three inches thicker.


These are tinted. Unlike the standard glass, this screen is not purely made out of glass. It contains certain iron particles. This gives it a touch of green or blue color to the glass. If you have any sort of colorful or dark tones tiles or walls, this might be the way to go. Starphire screens pops out the color even more. You can even get frameless shower screens Perth in this type of glass to brighten up the space even more. You also get the added bonus of selecting the glass you want, that is it can be crystal clear or a bit bluish or greenish.

Acid edged

If you are not a huge fan of crystal clear glasses and wants a more private solution, acid edged glass screens is the way to go. It will give you the privacy you want through a stained or an opaque finished glass. But it will still allow light to pass through which will avoid the bath area from being darkened.These are just a few simple glass screen types that you can use in your shower cubicle. Other types include sandblasted glass, textured glass and more. You can decide what you like the best and simply go with it. You bath area should consist of a design that you find beautiful and enchanting.

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